Thursday, October 11, 2012

Graffiti in the Classroom?

I tried my hand at a graffiti table this week in reading groups.  I think this is a genius idea. (Pinterest-inspired, of course!) It takes a little time to set up at the beginning of the week but it's worth it because of the excitement it generates.  But more importantly, my students were completely engaged during our reading group time!

I used bulletin board paper to make 2 "table covers" for my table and used both sides to accommodate all 4 of my reading groups.

The table covers lasted all week.

I programmed it to fit our specific skills for the week.  You can see the r-controlled vowel chart.  As we read our selection the students looked for words that fit the pattern.  It's funny how putting a marker in their hand and letting them "write on the table" was so exciting.

The boxes were set up for practice with context clues.  They wrote the word from the sentence and what they thought it meant in the boxes.

I think part of the thrill was that each student had their own box ready at their seat.

I will definitely utilize "graffiti tables" on a weekly basis!

Blessings to you,

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