Monday, August 13, 2012

Patriotic Classroom Tour

Happy New Year!  You know what I mean! LOL  Today was my school's "Classroom Preview" Day. I LOVE CLASSROOM PREVIEW DAY! I love the newness of my classroom.  I love meeting 20 fresh new eager little ones who think I hung the moon.  I love seeing my munchkins from last year and seeing how much they grew over the summer.  It's my favorite day of the school year!!

Our school mascot stopped by my room today during the festivities.  Too cute!

My classroom theme this year is a Patriotic one.  I did this theme 4 years ago during the last election and it worked well to support our studies.  So-on with the tour!

This is my behavior board.  Students will start with a gold "medal" each day and progress through the colors as necessary.

These are the Liberty Bells on each students' cubbies.

I wanted something patriotic for my teams.  But I also wanted something "cutesie" so the red, white and blue zebras, giraffes, elephants, and mice had to do.

Here's the "Homework Hotline".  Students clip their homework to the clothespin with their number on it each morning.  It's been a great tool for me because I can see at a glance who didn't turn in their homework.

These were the "goody bags" for classroom preview day.

This is the rear view.

This is my student of the week display.  I clip their pictures to the clothespins.

This is the welcome board.  Pinterest inspired!

The job display.  The "flames" are labeled with numbers are hot glued to clothespins so I can easily rotate the jobs each week.

This is my AR board.  Each student has an Air Force One.  Each section of the board is marked with points so the students can move and earn prizes.  I'm hoping this format with help students to keep reading after they reach their goal. 

Good Work Board using a great idea I found on Pinterest.  I hot glued a tack to a clothespin so I can easily change the displayed work.

Team Names where I keep track of points each team wins.

Birthday display

View from desk

Nothing fancy, but my reading corner "Mount Readmore"

By the way, have you planned your meals for back to school week?  Visit my home blog for an easy weeknight meal idea-perfect for the days that we're ready to keel over after a busy school day!

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  1. Everything looks great. You should come over and check out my place value olympics. It would go perfect with your theme.