Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to Check Everything Off Your Summer Organization Bucket List

Summer always comes with a long organizing to-do list.  Not because I'm OCD or because I'm a great organizer, but because as a teacher, major organization doesn't happen around here during the school year.  From August through May, I'm in survival mode and I just try to keep the toilets clean. LOL
All kidding aside,  I do love being organized and summer is the time for me to get to it.  
As teachers, we make this long, dreamy summer bucket list of things we want and need to accomplish. But then, before we know it-it's August and we feel completely inadequate, because we've been lucky to cross off 2-3 of things on our mile-long list.

I've gotten better at this over the years.  Here's 5 tips that have helped me accomplish my summer organizing bucket list.

1.  Don't make a mile long list!  Your list should include only 6-8 tasks.  This is manageable for a 6-8 week summer vacation.
2.  Tackle one room a week.  I spend about 2 hours a day working in that room.  So I still have plenty of hours in the day left for pool time, reading time, t.v. time, nap time, friends, or whatever my kids and I decide!
3.  Donate or sell LOTS of stuff!  Whatever you have to do to  It's so much simpler to be organized with less stuff.  
4.  Make your kids help.  Of course, this depends on the age of your kids.  At 8 and 13, my kids are prime workin' age.  I have them work in their rooms or help me by taking out garbage or getting bags for me.  They only have to work a short time as well.  But this is valuable training time.  I want my children to grow up to be organized adults.  That doesn't just happen.  We have to involve them.
5.  Don't beat yourself up if you don't check everything off your list.  Enjoy every minute of your summer and time off.  You know how quickly it passes by.  Take the pressure off!  Summer is not about working.  It's about doing what you WANT to do.  It's about refueling for the next school year.  It's about spending time with your own family and being available to them in a way you can't be from August to May.  It's about sleeping in, staying up late, making home cooked meals for your family, spending time in the sun and RELAXING!  ENJOY.EVERY.MINUTE. That's the bottom line!

As I wrote in #2, I tackle one room a week.  This week was my bedroom.  It wasn't a hot mess, (like my daughter's room-next week's task), but it did need some attention.

No, I'm not moving out.  This about a 6 foot high stack of boxes filled with things that I'm selling at my brother's yard sale.  And as a result, I have this:

An empty drawer!! 

I cleaned out my husband's drawers.  I rolled all of his t-shirts.  Rolling is my new favorite way to put clothes and towels away.  We'll have to see how he reacts when he gets home and looks in his drawers LOL.

And lastly, I purged lots of clothes, color coded them, and tidied up my closet.

It feels good to be organized and check something off my list!
Now, I'm off to pack for our Naples trip this weekend.
Happy Summer!!!


  1. I just awarded you the "One Lovely Blog Award”, stop by my blog to accept it!
    Totally Terrific in Texas

  2. I had a yard sale last week. Wish I had put more oomph behind it. We did well, but there's SO MUCH more stuff I could've sold. Hopefully my community will have one before summer ends.