Friday, April 20, 2012

Helping Students Transfer Their Learning

I can't count how many times I've taught a concept and then wonder if the kids will remember it a week or even a day later.  Obviously, our goal as teachers is not just to impart knowledge to our students, but for them to transfer what they've learned days, weeks, and even years later to real world situations.
I've found a practical way for this to
 happen with my second graders.
A few months ago we were learning about American symbols.  We studied in detail about the U.S. flag and all its attributes.  So to help this information "stick" I asked the students to have their parents email me a picture of any American flag that they see over the next week.  With the availability of smart phones, this has become an easy task for most families.  Many of the parents told me about how their child spotted the flag and took the picture themselves.  I didn't send any information directly to the parents.  I'm relying on the students to make the learning their own.
Here's some of the pics that I got:

Then, last week we studied evaporation and condensation.  Here's the great pics that they sent me:

This has proven to be an easy way to help the students connect what they have learned in the classroom with the real world!

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  1. This is a GREAT idea! What a wonderful way for students to connect to you and show off their learning! Learning doesn't stop when they walk out of the classroom and it is great they are excited to share with you. Plus, what a great and kind of 'forced' opportunity for parents to stop what they are doing and help their child take the pic, send it to you all the while hopefully having a meaningful conversation with their child!

    Great idea!


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  2. This is such a simple but smart idea! Thanks!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad