Thursday, April 5, 2012

Conference Day Idea

We had our final conference day for the school year today.  YAHOO!  At my school, we have 3 mandatory conference days.  By the 3rd quarter, we (and the parents) sometimes feel like "been there, done that". So I always try to go the extra mile to make the last conference meaningful and special.

One way that I make the conference meaningful is by giving each parent a top 10 list of what their child needs to know walking in the door of 3rd grade.  You can easily compile this list for your grade level by talking with the team members of the next grade level at your school.  Parents always value this information.  It's also a great springboard for me to be able to address areas of strength and weakness in their child. Top 10 3rd Grade Skills

One way that I make this conference special is with a fun folder to store the information I'm giving them.  This quarter I made this cover sheet.  The folders were all laid out on a table and the parents had to pick which smile belonged to their child.

Now I'm off for SPRING BREAK!!

Blessings to you,


  1. Love the "Do you know your child's smile?"

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