Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Time!

The first three days of 2nd grade were a hit!  We've gotten to know each other a bit, so today it was time to get to business!  We reviewed (from 1st grade) how to tell time to the hour.
We practiced on the white board using our amazing new LCD projector.

Then we worked with elapsed time using our own individual clocks.

But our favorite part was the human clock! Pairs of students decided who would be the hour hand and who would be the minute hand.  Then, they picked a time to represent and the rest of the class read the clock.

Blessings to you, 
Mrs. Hughes


  1. LOVE the human clock idea! I pinned it! :)

  2. Did you make the time practice for the white board? I love it and would like to use something like this on my room.

  3. Mrs. Pacciano The clock activity was a flipchart from Promethean Planet.

  4. The human clock is such a fun activity!