Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Work in Progress

I went to my classroom today. Yes, it's Saturday and it's summer. But my hubby and son were off for the day. And my daughter and I were up early with a free day before us. So I spent 2 hours in my room and got lots done.

They painted my room and must of accidentally knocked over my bulging bulletin border box.

Luckily, I had a helper!

I didn't get all of my laminatingcut, so my goal was to get the backgrounds and borders up.
My AR board....

Blue ribbon work board ( with missing o's)

Buckaroo of the week display

And lastly, I got my headers for team points put up and the border around the white board up.

Still lots to do, but I feel great about the progress I made today!

- Blessings to you,
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  1. Your daughter is adorable! Your room looks like a similar size to mine.. I can't wait to see the rest of your progress! :)


  2. love the buckaroo of the week display!

  3. I love your boards. What kind of school do you work in? I get so frustrated seeing all these other teachers going and working in their rooms and we are not allowed to at our school. I have begged my principal and she has finally agreed to let us come in one day before she had first said which is the week before teachers return for workdays. I spend all summer dreaming of how I am going to set up the room and boards and I just want to get in there and do it.

  4. Hey Judi- I work at a Christian school so as a church they are pretty much always open. A friend of mine in public school shares your frustration. I hope you can make the most of your extra day !

  5. Love the AR board with the bails of hay. If you don't mind me asking what is the title of the board and how did you get the cute bails of hay?