Saturday, May 14, 2011

Linky Party!

So the blogger malfunction was really frustrating! Can I get an "amen"?!  During all the craziness I lost a few posts, but I also reached 100 followers!  So exciting! So in honor of reaching the big 100 I'm reposting my "100 things I love about teaching" list!  Would you join me?
My list of 100 things I love about teaching:

1. little hugs

2. innocent hearts of children

3. bulletin boards

4. Sticky notes

5. being a professional.

6. Connecting with parents at conferences

7. Mailbox magazine

8. Instructor magazine

9. File folders

10. Colored flair pens

11. AR

12. my Brighton lanyard

13. Teacher tote bags

14. Glue sticks

15. Construction paper

16. Little scissors

17. Shirts & vests with apples and other teacher stuff on them (as cheesy as they may be)

18. my large desk calendar

19. Computers

20. Smart boards

21. Recess

22. Rainy day recess

23. Tying shoes

24. Songs to go with every skill

25. Lunch time

26. Breaks when my class goes to specials

27. Cute coffee cups

28. Summer vacation

29. Easter vacation

30. Teacher workdays

31. Getting ahead on lesson plans

32. Actually getting through everything in my lesson plans

33. Jeans days

34. Picture books

35. Graphic organizers

36. The staple & sort feature on the copy machine

37. Walking into the teacher workroom and seeing an empty mailbox

38. Being first in line at the copy machine

39. Rubber stamps with words-like “no name” , “completed together in class”

40. Brand new expo markers

41. U shaped tables

42. Class sets of white boards

43. Teacher stuff in the dollar section at Target

44. Field day

45. Field trips

46. 3 day weekends

47. Christmas presents from my students

48. Calendar math

49. Hanging art from the ceiling

50. Clothespins

51. Brand new pencil sharpeners

52. New school supplies

53. Specials teachers that say “Can I keep them a little longer?”

54. Colored copy paper

55. Sick days

56. When the last child leaves from carline

57. Parties

58. Student birthdays

59. Goodies in the teacher workroom

60. An empty “to be graded” tray

61. The day after report cards are completed

62. The beginning of a new unit

63. Comfy, cute flats

64. Teacher socks

65. The first day of school

66. The last day of school

67. Getting home at 4 o’clock

68. Timers

69. Filing cabinets

70. Label makers

71. Free books for my classroom library

72. Themed classrooms

73. Sentence strips

74. Velcro

75. Erasable pens

76. Cap erasers

77. Clipboards

78. NEVER having to go to work on the weekend

79. Blue painters tape for the walls

80. Bulletin board borders

81. Staplers

82. Personalized notepads

83. Baskets to organize everything

84. Magnetic white boards

85. Snack time

86. Really good stuff catalog

87. Out of uniform days

88. Special assemblies

89. Fundraiser contests

90. Kid art drawn just for me that says “I love Mrs. Hughes”

91. Cofffeeee

92. Story time on the floor

93. No emails in my inbox

94. Days with no discipline notes sent home

95. Finding great ideas BEFORE I teach the unit, not right after we finish it

96. Eating lunch with the winning group of students

97. Laminating everything

98. Overhead projectors

99. Educational videos

100. Knowing that everyday I make a difference in the life of a child.

I encourage you to make your 100 things list! It was a great way for me to reconnect with all the things I love about teaching!
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