Thursday, May 26, 2011

Math Differentiation (Thursday)

This week I am featuring ways to differentiate when teaching and drilling multiplication tables. See Monday's post here.  See Tuesday's post here, and Wednesday's post here.

Thursday is a glorious day! Today we used an iPad to practice our 4 times tables!
We used the app "Times Tables Lite".   It's a free app that only goes up to the 4 times tables. It can be upgraded to a paid app allowing access to the other times tables.

First, I used the audio part of the app to orally review the 4 times tables.

Then, we used the drawing feature allowing the students to come up and write in the correct answer to the math facts.  It is self checking so the students received immediate feedback.

Lastly, we had a competition using the shuffle and timed features.  I placed the students in two teams.  At each students' turn they clicked on the correct answer for the given math fact.  The app gives praise or says "nice try".  The students passed it on to the next student until all 13 problems were answered.  At the end it gives the percentage and time in which the problems were completed.  {*Tip* place the students beside each other not behind one another.  It makes passing the iPad easier and safer for the iPad!}

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