Friday, April 8, 2011


I stumbled upon a great website today, and I wanted to share it with you.  It's a free eductional video site called WatchKnow.  You can set the age range of your students.  Then, type in the topic that you are teaching.  I just scheduled a blog post on my classroom blog with a video on animal life cycles.  I typed a question for the kids to answer  in the comments after they watch the video. 
I just posted a fun goofy video about following directions to encourage my students in preparation for achievement tests next week.  You can see that post here
I am amazed by the volume of educational video clips on this site.  Check it out! is another recent find.  On this site are LOTS of sounds   These sounds would be great for smart board lessons.  But I thought using sounds would be a great way to introduce a new concept.  For instance, there are weather sounds.  At the beginning of my weather unit, I can play the sounds of a rainstorm, tornado, thunderstorm and wind and ask my students what these sounds have in common.  Another great way to differentiate learning for our students!

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