Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amazing Technology!

I love technology! I am amazed daily as I see all that can be accomplished through it.
Today I found this amazing site,
You have to see the message I just put on my class blog using this amazing technology.
Here are some applications for this site that I found here.
1) Record audio of your shared reading text and post it to your classroom website for students to listen to at home or during center time to review the story.

2) Record audio of a chapter book a chapter at a time for struggling readers. Download to an .mp3 player for students to listen to while reading along.

3) Record fluency passages and save to your classroom computer. Have students read the passage aloud with the virtual reader to practice pacing.

4) For students reluctant to present in front of the class, have a student input the text of an original story or oral report and have the virtual presenter share the information with the whole class.

5) Record difficult vocabulary words and their definitions and save on your computer for students to review during center time.

I'm sure the possibilities are endless!
So I've said "amazing" like 76 times in this post-I hope you get the point and check this out!


  1. This looks really cool!! Thanks!

    I put you on my Sqworl list. Head to my right sidebar and you will see your site under 2nd grade.

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  2. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!! This makes my 'listen to reading' for Daily 5 take on a whole new meaning!

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