Sunday, March 13, 2011

Teacher Tube and the Water Cycle

Do you know about Teacher Tube? It's like Youtube but, you guessed it, it's ideas posted by teachers. I'm on the hunt to plan some dynamic water cycle lessons. One tool I love to use in my teaching is songs. I can't sing a note, but my 2nd graders will never tell! I found these songs on Teacher Tube. Keep scrolling down as well for some other ideas I found in my hunt. If you have any great water cycle ideas, please comment!

1.  I always teach this song as well:
The Water Cycle Song: (to the tune of She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain)
“Water travels in a cycle, yes it does. Water travels in a cycle, yes it does. It goes up as evaporation, the clouds make condensation, it rains down precipitation, yes it does.”

2.  This is a new one I found: 
"The Little Water Vapor" song to the tune of "The Eensy Weensy Spider."
The little water vapor evaporated high, (raise hands)

Into a cloud, it condensed by and by. (pat hands, making a fluffy cloud)

When the cloud was full, it precipitated rain, (wiggle fingers, cascading down)

Down fell the water, to start the cycle again! (make circular motion with hand)

3.  Here's a fantastic lesson and video from Scholastic.

4.  Here's another water cycle video.

5.  Of course hands on activities are key.  I plan on doing this one from Proteacher.

I'm also on the look out for some kind of "edible water cycle".  I've got a cupcake idea in the works...

Well it's my spring I'm off to stay up late and watch a good flick-because I can!!!


  1. Here is a song I have used in the past.

    To the tune of "Clementine"

    On my mind
    It is called the Water Cycle
    And it happens all the time.

    (use hand motions)

  2. Thank you, Dana! I love it! Definitely will add this one to my collection.