Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reading Groups & Center Instructional Materials

Have you seen this A-Mazing FREE reading instruction resource???
It's The Florida Center for Reading Research.

It's amazing because it offers FREE instructional materials that support the Florida standards (and I'm sure other state standards as well).  I use these materials mostly in reading groups for differentiated instruction.  But they're designed to be used as centers as well.  My room mom cut and assembled each activity into this binder for me:

Then, she hole punched each activity and cut all of the coordinating pieces and put them in baggies.  She paper clipped the baggie to the instructions.  I also kept a copy of the original behind the instructions. 

Here's the links to the pdf's by grade level for you:
Once you click on the link, scroll down to the activities.  It is divided by skills that you click on and get these wonderful pdf's.  They are all inclusive, too! No other materials to gather or assemble!  LOVE THAT! 


  1. We use these resources in our State of Florida to Support FAIR (Florida Assessment In Reading). Each content tested has support through FCRR. We then use this as our RTI instruction.

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  2. I love this site. I have used it MANY times.