Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's C.O.W. Day

Classroom Organization Wednesday
(a day early!)
When I looked at my little corner of the world the other day, I was a little embarrassed, to say the least. It was a mess! Here's a peek-(Don't judge me!)

I have all of these file folders of stuff that I need to have accessible daily, but I didn't have an organized system to handle them all.  Enter $8 clearance filing rack from Office Depot.  I was inspired to organize!!  I moved the book shelf so I don't have to go behind  my desk to access it. 

I put the miscellaneous files on the bottom rack of the file cart.  I put my daily folders (one for each day of the week with the day's supplies in it) on the top. The red folder is an "immediate action" folder.  The 2 blue folders in the back are "copies to made" and "absentee work" folders.
My little corner of the world is a lot less cluttered and a lot less embarrassing now!  As I'm looking at this,  I've decided I'm going to add one of the 3M hooks on the side of the book shelf for my purse and lunch box to make the renovation complete.
What's really funny is only took me about an hour to clean it all up and reorganize!  What have you been inspired lately to organize in your classroom?


  1. looks good :)
    I honestly don't have clutter and it's probably because my room is too small, so I don't save much or collect anything. All my paperwork is digital and saved on a flash drive.

  2. it looks so much better! good job:)