Thursday, March 31, 2011

Conference Day

Tomorrow is Conference Day. I really love conference day.  I enjoy connecting with my students' parents.  I have the privilege of teaching at a Christian school, so I am able to pray with the parents, and pray for my students with their parents.  I love that! I also love all of the organization and "stuff" that has to be prepared for the meetings. I always compile a folder of information so our communication can be clear and organized.  I make a cute cover sheet with a class picture on it. 

This quarter I'm including a "Top 10" list of things that they need to know when they enter 3rd grade in the fall.  I use that list as an opportunity to point out any areas of weakness, as well as areas that need special attention over the summer.  Click on the picture for a copy.

I made this conference form to record the information I want to share.  This is my "script".  It helps me say everything I want to say including positive reports. Click on the picture to print a copy.

Of course, I include a handwriting and reading assessment.  You can find my assessment rubrics here.
What kinds of things do you share with your students' parents on conference day?  I would love to hear some of your creative ideas!


  1. This year I started recording my student's reading fluency test on my iPad. Then at parent conferences I could show the parents the test with my notes while they listened to their child read. I used an app called italk.

  2. Robin-LOVE that idea! Thanks for sharing!