Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Boxes

This year for Valentine's Day, my class will be making these boxes.

I've been collecting cereal boxes for the past couple of weeks from my students.  I wrapped them using bulletin board paper since it's thinner. (Though this pic is a sample & I used construction paper.  The bulletin board paper worked much better!)
I used my cricut to cut out the pieces for the panda bear.  I'll give the kids the pieces to glue together themselves.  Of course, the googly eyes make everything cuter!   I decided to use the panda since we just studied them and the kids are basically obsessed with them now.  The panda bear is from the Pagoda cartridge.  Of course, you could have the kids make their own cute animals if you don't have a cricut.  Maybe precut circles to make a pig.  You could teach lines of symmetry as they cut their own hearts. 
I like the idea of the cereal boxes because it's sturdier than the boxes we've made in the past.  I'm thinking having the students do an acrostic poem to glue on the backside of the box. I would love to see your Valentine's ideas!

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