Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Little Pot

I've been reading about "The Bucket Fillers" around on different blogs.  It's such a great idea and it reminded me of a workshop that I went to last year based on the book "The Little Pot" by Dawn Stephens.  It's the same idea as the bucket but it's faith-based using the fruits of the spirit.  Instead of each child having a bucket they have a little clay pot with googly eyes glued on.  It is a precious, precious book.  Here's the link to the author's site.  She has great activities to go along with the book.  There are also ideas to teach faith based values using common picture books.  This site and book is a gem! Check it out!
Here's a link to the Fruit song and coloring sheet.


  1. This is PERFECT. I've been thinking about the bucket filling idea for next year and I teach at a Catholic school. What would you fill the clay pots with? Some teachers use pom poms. Is there another idea that would relate more to the fruits of the spirit?

  2. I don't remember what the author suggested at the workshop (I haven't done this yet). But off the top of my head-die cuts of fruit(laminated of course) labeled with the fruits of the spirit would be cute to fill them! I wonder if the dollar star might have the fake, plastic fruit...

  3. Six years later ... this is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you!