Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How I Teach Cursive Handwriting

My primary tool for teaching cursive handwriting is the public television show "It's the Write Time".  I set my dvr to record it (check your local listings).  I transfered the episodes in order onto a vcr tape (so primitive, I know).  The good news is now that I have them on tape, I don't have to transfer them again next year.  The kids absolutely LOVE this series.  It corresponds exactly to the Zaner Bloser handwriting series. Here's a clip:

As the video is playing the students use white boards that I got in the dollar section at Target.  

After we've practice on the whiteboards, and I've made sure they have mastered the letter, they complete the page in their handwriting book.

The first day I introduce cursive, I issue these adorable cursive license that I purchased at Teacher's Clubhouse for $0.99. (scroll down to "cursive license")


  1. cool!!! love the idea of the licence!!

  2. Love the video, how many videos are there total?? I googled and could not find much info about he video series?? I sure would love to show it to my 3rd graders!!

  3. Love the license idea! I am doing my student teaching right now and cursive is the first subject I have started teaching. I will definitely be using this idea!