Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Giant Panda

In Science, we learned about endangered animals. One of the animals was the Giant Panda. So we did a mini study on pandas today. First, we read this book:

Phi-Shu the Little Panda
Then we went to the Smart Lab and viewed some of these websites:
An interactive video/reading activity

Just a fun jigsaw puzzle to work on on the Smart board.

Then we worked on this graphic organizer:

I gave each student a sticky note and they had to write one fact about the panda. Their sentence had to start with "Pandas have", "Pandas are", or "Pandas can". It was a great way to help them organize their thoughts.
I altered this idea from here

Lastly, we completed this writing assignment. The students started with "Did You Know?" Then they wrote 3 things they learned about the giant panda.

I got the lined writing paper here

I found the panda head and feet here

It was originally designed for a paper bag puppet. But I usually like the crafty things to have some writing incorporated.

The kids really learned alot. They were fighting over the 6-8 panda books I had displayed on the bookshelf! So cute!

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