Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Camp Read-a-Lot

The coveted reading corner! The student of the day for the math meeting board and the "Camper of the Week" are the only ones allowed to read in the tent during D.E.A.R. time!

Nuts About Helping

The mascots of my camping theme in my classroom are small woodland animals. My job system consists of squirrels and acorns. Each acorn top has numbers to correspond with the students' number. The tops are attached by velcro and can be rotated to the next job every 2 weeks.

Time for school!

I saw something similar to this in a the Really Good Stuff catalog, and decided I could make it myself for free with die cuts!

S'More Classroom Management

My classroom theme for the 2010-2011 school year is Camping/The Great Outdoors.
My discipline system is a marshmallow count system.
Each student begins the day with 4 marshmallows. At the end of the day, they receive a number stamp in their homework planner to inform their parents of how many marshmallows they had.
The hierarchy is as follows:
4 marshmallows: You're a happy camper!
3 marshmallows: Lose 5 min. of recess, no stamp
2 marshmallows: Lose 10 min. of recess, no stamp
1 marshmallow: Lose 1/2 of recess, no stamp, parent contact
0 marshmallows: Alternative Classroom (a.k.a. Big trouble at my school!)

The students who kept all 4 marshmallows receive a stamp on an incentive chart. When it is filled they get to pick out of the treasure chest.